83 – Douglas Dawson age 19 (QR29 EN)

83 – Douglas Dawson 19 jaar (1925 – September 16, 1944)

QR29 f,AF Pilot Officer Douglas Dawson was the 19 year old son of druggist, Thomas Jarnes Sawson {born 1894}, whose famity were of lrish descent, and his wife lsabelt Caroltine Forbes {born 1901} of Canadian Scottish ancestry, and lived at Cookstown, Ontario.

Douglas had three brothers, Gordon (born 1922), Grant (born 1929), and Alan (born 1935). He does not appear to have been heavilty involved in sport like his older brother. An indication that he may have been more of an academic is recorded on the air-force appltication form where he gave his second language as latin”

His younger teenage brother, Grant, had joined 102 {Barrie Silver Fox} Squadron, the local air cadets, in 1943.

Doug graduated from Cooktown High School in 1941, and began training as a machinist in the machine shop of the Canada Cycte & Motor Company of Weston, Ontario, where he stayed for two years.

On Aprit 13th 1943, he enlisted in the RCAF at Toronto. Àfter basic and technical training, Doug was posted to No 9. Bombing and Gunnery School on 20th September 1943, and after completing the course, he was awarded his wings and sergeants stripes on October 29th.

Letter saying Douglas Dawson is missing.

A candle every year …

On Christmas Eve candles are lit all over the Netherlands at war graves. In the Hoeksche Waard this has been done since 2016, at the Canadian cemetery in Holten this tradition has persisted for more than 25 years. It gave Dick Jansen from Burgum the idea to draw national attention to this campaign via Facebook. Through his efforts, candles are burned at the graves in hundreds of places in the Netherlands every year. The initiative is seen as a wonderful gesture at an emotional moment, for those who gave their lives for our freedom in World War II.

Strijen cemetary

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