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  1. Jacqueline van den Berg

    Oh All those boys who faught for us! I am very greatfull to live in freedom because of them.

    I am searching for two pilots who survived their crash. They were hidden in a farm at Schieveense dijk near Rotterdam.They farm was demolished and there was a brick in the wall with the inscription:

    RAF 1945 CS (or C5)D’H’ RW RT

    The piece of the wall is now in the Museum Overschie near Rotterdam but we don’t know were they were crashed and who they were. We want to put a small sign beside the brick to remember them.
    If somebody knows more about the letters on the brick let me know. We think from story’s around that it was a Haviland Mosquito but where was it crashed.

    My English mother was working in the war in the ammunitionfactory at night and made banderolles for the spitfire. There is my motivation.

    1. Henk van den Heuvel

      Hallo Jacqueline, zie e-mail. Je vraag wordt in behandeling genomen door een lokale onderzoeker.

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