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The QR tiles of the digital monument, regarding information of several crashlocations.

23 – Crashlocation Heinenoord March 17, 1945 (QR23 EN)

23 – Crashlocatie Heinenoord (17 maart 1945) On Saturday March 17, 1945, late in the morning, 12 Spitfires of this squadron took off from RAF base Ludham in England, among them Warrant Officer Jack Dawson Green in Spitfire XT H sm473. They flew towards Holland where bombing the railway line Utrecht – The Hague was […]

22 – Crashlocation Numansdorp October 29, 1944 (QR22 EN)

22 – Crashlocation Numansdorp (October 29, 1944) On this day RAF (Polish) squadron 317, stationed at the liberated base of St. Denis in Belgium (code B61), is ordered from England to attack German positions in the Zealand island of Walcheren in Holland, with a number of Spitfires. During the third attack the Spitfire flown by […]

15 – Crashlocation Goudswaard October 22, 1943 (QR15 EN)

15 – Crashlocation Goudswaard (October 22, 1943) In this night 569 bombers from various RAF squadrons of Bomber Command were ordered to bomb the German city of Kassel.  Among these bombers was one from squadron 158, type Handley Page Halifax, leaving from RAF base Rufforth, Yorkshire, England.  After dropping its bombs, thereby killing 5,600 citizens […]

14 – Crashlocation Heiningen July 31, 1943 (QR14 EN)

14 – Crashlocation Heiningen (July 31, 1943) On this night 273 bombers from airfields all over England fly to the German town of Remscheid and drop their bombs, devastating 83 % of the town.  One of the aircraft is a Short Sterling from RAF squadron 218 with the marks HA-E, registration number BF516,  coming from […]

13 – Crashlocation Rijsoord June 29, 1943 (QR13 EN)

13 – Crashlocation Rijsoord (June 29, 1943) This night a great number of Lancaster bombers returned from a bombing of Cologne, Germany.  Among them a Lancaster of RAF 100 squadron, numbered HW-E, registration number ED 362. This aircraft had left RAF base Grimsby near Waltham, in England. On its way back over Holland about 02.40 […]

12 – Crashlocation Nieuwendijk June 22, 1943 (QR2 EN)

12 – Crashlocatie Nieuwendijk (22 juni 1943) Bomber Command ordered bombers to attack factories in Germany and Antwerp, Belgium.  By way of a diversion a bombing attack on shipyards in Rotterdam was carried out.  The bombers taking part in this action were protected by a number of Spitfires of RAF 331 squadron taking off from […]

10 – Crashlocation Tiengemeten April 4, 1943 (QR10 EN)

10 – Crashlocation Tiengemeten (April 4, 1943) At 20.00 p.m. a great number of bombers of RAF squadron 405, type Handley Page Halifax,  take off from RAF base Leeming, Yorkshire, England. One of them is marked LQ-F reg. nr. DT723.  Their target is the German town of Essen. After dropping their bombs they fly back […]

05 – Crashlocation ‘s-Gravendeel May 11 1940 (QR05 EN)

05 – Crashlocation ‘s-Gravendeel (May 11, 1940) Twelve Hurricanes of the Royal Air Force leave Martlasham Heath air force base, England,  around 16.30 p.m. this day and fly towards Holland to support the Dutch Royal Air Force. After 30 minutes’ flying time they arrive over the battlefield South of Rotterdam and are engaged by German […]

04 – Crashlocation Numansdorp May 11 1940 (QR04 EN)

04 – Crashlocation Numansdorp (May 11, 1940) This day, at 16.30 p.m. twelve planes type Hawker Hurricane of RAF 17 squadron, take off from Martlasham Heath, in England, and fly towards Holland in order to support the Dutch Royal Air Force in their fight against the Germans.  Over Numansdorp (South of Rotterdam), the Hurricane flown […]

03 – Crashlocation Oud-Beijerland May 10, 1940 (QR03 EN)

03 – Crashlocation Oud-Beijerland (May 10, 1940) Early on Friday morning Germany invades the Netherlands and many German planes fly to Rotterdam and The Hague. The Dutch air force is approaching German aircraft from Schiphol airport with a number of Fokker aircraft and are fighting above the Waalhaven airport near Rotterdam. The Dutch Fokker aircraft […]

02 – Crashlocation Oud-Beijerland May 10 1940 (QR02 EN)

02 – Crashlocation Oud-Beijerland (May 10, 1940) On this Friday, May 10, 1940, early in the morning, Germany invades The Netherlands and many German planes fly to Rotterdam and The Hague. The Dutch Air Force takes off from Schiphol airport with a number of Fokker airplanes and engages the enemy over the airport of Waalhaven, near […]

01 – Crashlocation Piershil May 10 1940 (QR01 EN)

01 – Crashlocation Piershil (May 10, 1940) On Friday may 10, 1940, Germany invades the Netherlands.  The Dutch Royal Air Force Command asks the Royal Air Force for support.  This is supplied that same day by  6 aircraft, type Bristol Blenheim, RAF squadron 600, leaving Manston Air Force base.  These are twin-engined fighter-bombers. Their goal […]