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2020 [Photos] – Christmas Eve ‘Lights on wargraves’

On Christmas Eve on war graves throughout the Netherlands a light burned. In our region, ‘de Hoeksche Waard’, lights were burned at 8 different cemetaries. Piershil (photos Henk van den Heuvel) Strijen (photos Janet Nagtzaam) Puttershoek (foto Anton de Man) ‘s-Gravendeel (foto Bé van der Hoek)

2020 [Photos] Remembrance Day

Foto’s Remembrance Day bij het monument, 11 november 2020. Remembrance Day, ook wel Armistice Day of Poppy Day in het Nederlands: Dodenherdenkingsdag is in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en andere landen van het Gemenebest de dag waarop de gevallenen van de Eerste Wereldoorlog en alle oorlogen en gewapende conflicten sindsdien worden herdacht. De herdenking vindt plaats […]

2020 [Film] Memorial Day

Vanwege het Corona–virus een sobere Memorial Day bij het monument in Oud-Beijerland. Aanwezig waren o.a. de Amerikaanse veteraan Jim Broterton met echtgenote en Anton en Jo de Man. Er werden bloemen gelegd en alle namen van de Amerikaanse slachtoffers werden opgelezen. Nico Buis maakte een mooi filmpje van de herdenking. Because of the Corona virus […]

2020 [Film] Wreath – Krans

Despite Coronavirus (COVID 19), a wreath laying at the Digital Air War monument in Oud-Beijerland: 4 May 2020. Ondanks Coronavirus (COVID 19 ) toch een kranslegging bij het Digitale Luchtoorlog monument in Oud-Beijerland: 4 mei 2020. Film ‘Kranslegging Luchtoorlog Monument 2020’ by Jan Lips

2020 [Knipsel] [Clipping] All airmen and crashes in monument

Clipping ‘All crew members and crashes in monument’ – Source AD ​​Hoeksche Waard January 2, 2020 The 87 crew members of the fighter planes who fell above the Hoeksche Waard during the Second World War are honored in the digital monument Air War Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945. All crashes can also be read digitally. In total, […]

2019 [Photos] A new digital monument

After all expansions, the digital monument was completed at the end of December 2019: more beautiful and larger! Na alle uitbreidingen is het digitale monument eind december 2019 opgeleverd: mooier en groter! Fotoserie ‘A new digital monument’

2019 [Photos] Chris van der Linden [In memoriam]

On March 1, 2019, the seriously ill Chris van der Linden placed the QR tile of Savage. Anton de Man: ,, Our friend Chris van der Linden passed away on August 20, 2019. He was unable to win the fight against cancer. Chris was 46 years old. He leaves a great void. But the memories […]

2019 [Photos] Spots around the monument

On January 14, 2019, spots were placed around the monument, in the evenings the monument is now beautifully lit. Op 14 januari 2019 werden rondom het monument spotjes geplaatst, in de avonduren is het monument nu prachtig verlicht.

2018 [Photos] Flags and stickers

On November 6, 2018, the monument was decorated with stickers of the flags of all involved nationalities.   Op 6 november 2018 werd het monument aangekleed met stickers van de vlaggen van alle betrokken nationaliteiten.

2018 [Photos] Paintjob for the pipe

On August 16, 2018, the panels were briefly removed to provide the monument’s pipe with a fresh coat of paint.   Op 16 augustus 2018 werden de panelen even verwijderd om de buis van het monument van een frisse verflaag te voorzien.

2018 [Film] Families visiting Hoeksche Waard

Television item ‘Family fallen WWII pilots visits Hoeksche Waard’ – Source: RTV Rijnmond 25 May 2018 Four English families are visiting the Hoeksche Waard to commemorate family members who died in World War II. For example, 90-year-old Roy Hanney is here in memory of his brother Bob, who died with his plane near Strijen at […]

2017 [Herdenking] [Commemoration] November 11

On Saturday 11 November 2017, a commemoration ceremony took place at the monument “Air War Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945” in Oud-Beijerland. It is a joint initiative of the foundation associated with the monument, Scouting Oud-Beijerland, “Keep them Rolling” and group 8 of primary school “De Klinker”. ,,What is May 4 for us, is November 11 for […]

2017 [Photos] [Clippings] Opening digital monument

Clipping ‘Warmonument extended’ – Source: Kompas, May 19 2017 With the removal of an entrance rope, teachers and students of group 8 of De Klinker Primary School made it official: Oud-Beijerland is a monument richer. The opening of the digital monument “Air War Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945” was graced with bagpipe music and songs by the […]

2017 [Photos] Tiles (tegels) & Bushes (struiken)

Tiles were laid behind the monument in March 2017 to make it easier to reach the tubes of the future flagpoles. Some time later, bushes were also placed here to create a beautiful background. In maart 2017 zijn achter het monument tegels gelegd, om gemakkelijker bij de kokers te komen van de toekomstige vlaggenmasten. Enige […]

2017 [Photos] [Clippings] Construction digital monument

Clipping ‘Digital warmonument’ – Source: AD Hoeksche Waard March 29, 2017 Inke Keijzer (right) and Valerie Potter from group 8 of De Klinker primary school in Oud-Beijerland show a QR tile. They placed thirty-seven such tiles with their classmates as part of the new digital monument. Information can be requested via an app about the […]

2016 [Knipsel] [ Clipping] Tiles tell the story

Clipping ‘Plan for digital monument Air War Hoeksche Waard, Tiles tell the story’ – Source: AD Hoeksche Waard 20 September 2016 Unique for the Hoeksche Waard: the arrival of a digital monument. The plans of the Monument for Air War Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945 foundation are at an advanced stage. Master of ceremonies Jan van Tol […]

2016 [Herdenking] [Commemoration] June 4

Saturday 4 June, the victims of the Dutch and Allied crews of the air war in the Hoeksche Waard were commemorated. The memorial was held at the monument. afterwards there was a meeting in Klein-Profijt and a memorial ride of Keep Them Rolling (To Greup and to Piershil). The annual commemoration at the Monument Air […]

2016 [Knipsel] [Clipping] More cachet

Clipping ‘Commemoration gets more cachet’- Source: AD Hoeksche Waard May 28, 2016 At the photo: The initiators of the memorial parade: Jan van Tol (left), behind the wheel Bé van der Hoek, Anton de Man (left rear) and in military uniform Wout Verkerk. PHOTO VICTOR OF BREUKELEN The unveiling of the Hoeksche Waard Air War […]

2015 [Photo] Monument by night

On December 9, 2015 this photo was taken of the monument, ‘the monument by night’   Op 9 december 2015 werd deze foto gemaakt van het monument, ‘the monument by night’

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] Monongahela airman among those honored

Clipping ‘Monongahela airman among those honored at memorial in Holland – Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 2015 BY RON PAGLIA An international tribute to military personnel who lost their lives in the Netherlands during World War II was an emotional time for Tony Myers of Bristol, England – a day of remembrance and gratitude. “It was […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] Monument forces to look up

Clipping ‘Monument forces to look up’ – Source: Kompas June 10, 2015 With a stylish ceremony, the Hoeksche Waard Air War monument was unveiled on Saturday 6 June. This happened on the De Bosschen industrial estate in Oud-Beijerland in the presence of numerous soldiers, dignitaries and relatives from the Netherlands and abroad. `This monument forces […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] Unveiling of warmonument emotionally and stylishly

Unveiling of warmonument emotionally and stylishly – Source: Kompas June 10, 2015 Ceremony ceremony Saturday 6 June in pictures (Photos: Conno Bochoven) Photo 1: The Hoeksche Waard Air War monument was unveiled with great interest in Oud-Beijerland on Saturday 6 June. The monument shows a bomber and five spitfires. A design from Mrs. De Man. […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] We enjoyed the ceremony

We enjoyed the ceremony – Source: AD Hoeksche Waard June 8, 2015 Emotions at the unveiling of the war memorial Oud-Beijerland Peter Bickford was born on 3 August 1955. At a young age he heard the story of his uncle, after whom he was named. That uncle was commemorated at the unveiling of the new […]

2015 [Audio] Toespraak burgemeester Tichelaar

De openingsspeech van Burgemeester Tichelaar van de gemeente Oud-Beijerland (6 juni 2015). Citaat: “Dit monument dwingt om omhoog te kijken”. [Audio in Dutch language] The opening speech by Mayor Tichelaar of the municipality of Oud-Beijerland (6 June 2015). Quote: “This monument forces you to look up”.

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] An emotional day…

Clipping ‘Tomorrow will be an emotional day’ – Source: AD Hoeksche Waard, June 5, 2015 After more than two and a half years of preparation and overcoming many (organizational) problems, it will really happen tomorrow: the official unveiling of the Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945 air war monument. Initiator Anton de Man knows one thing: “It’s going […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] Monument adopted

Adoption of monument – Source: AD Hoeksche Waard, june 5, 2015 The last wish of the Hoeksche Waard 1940 1945 Monument Air Warfare Foundation has been fulfilled. The Oud-Beijerland scouting group, which has established its clubhouse on the nearby Zalmpad, has adopted the monument. After the maintenance, already promised by the municipality of Oud-Beijerland, this […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] Monument for aviators ready

Monument for aviators ready – Source: Dichtbij, May 20, 2015 The monument on the Antonie van Leeuwenhoekstraat in Oud-Beijerland, for the fallen airmen of the air war in the Hoeksche Waard, is ready. All work has come to an end with the construction of a wheelchair-friendly entrance to the monument. Four displays of information are […]

2015 [Photos] Fencing Hekwerk Monument

On May 4, 2015, the fence was placed around the monument. The fence was made available by MBR Hekwerk from Klundert, and placed by employees of the field service of the municipality of Oud-Beijerland, for which we thank you! Op 4 mei 2015 werd het hekwerk geplaatst rondom het monument. Het hekwerk werd beschikbaar gesteld […]

2015 [Clipping] Monongahela boosts banner event

Clipping ‘Monongahela boosts banner event’ Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 2015 City sends flag for June 6 service in Strijen, Netherlands BY RON PAGLIA The City of Monongahela is going global again. Less than six months after major festivities with officials from its sister city of Ono San Pietro, Italy, Monongahela has agreed to be part of […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] Mon City man killed in WWII honored in Holland

Clipping Mon City man killed in WWII honored in Holland – Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 27 2015  Unable to get into the U.S. Army, Peter Bickford joined the Canadian air force, By RON PAGLIA Progress continues on a memorial that will link the cities of Strijen and Oud Beijerland in the Netherlands to Monongahela and […]

2015 [Book] Luchtoorlog Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945

On Saturday April 25, 2015 the book “Air War Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945” was published. The first copy was presented to the director of Museum Hoeksche Waard in Heinenoord, where the exhibition “War in the Hoeksche Waard” can currently be visited. The book, written by Strijenaar Henk Nootenboom, was gratefully accepted by Belle van den Berg: […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] American flag at unveiling monument

American flag at unveiling monument – Source: AD Hoeksche Waard April 16,2015 At the unveiling of the monument ‘Air War Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945, on 6 June in Oud-Beijerland, the stars and stripes also fly. The Monongahela City Council (Pennsylvania, USA) has donated the American flag. There it fluttered on November 11, 2014 during Rememberance Day […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] Memorial project stays on schedule

Clipping ‘Memorial project stays on schedule’ – Source Pittsburgh Tribune-Review   Dutch town honors fallen military personnel including former area man, BY RON PAGLIA Anton de Man is a man on a mission and nothing seems to deter him – not even the elements. “We have had a mixed bag of weather recently, but that […]

2015 [Knipsel] [Clipping] Monument fallen airmen

Monument fallen airmen – Source: AD Hoeksche Waard, March 27, 2015  A monument for those who fell in the Hoeksche Waard during the Second World War. That was in 2013 the plan of the Foundation “Air War Memorial Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945”. The foundation is not only about keeping history alive, but it is also hoped […]

2015 [Photos] Production and construction

An extensive photo series about the creation of the monument: the construction, production and preparation for the opening,  on June 6, 2015. Een uitgebreide fotoserie over de totstandkoming van het monument: de aanleg, de productie en het toewerken naar de opening op 6 juni 2015. Fotoserie ‘1 februari tot 6 juni 2015’

2014 [Photos] Monument start

The production of the monument has started, work on the production is in full swing. The scouting poses where the monument will rise! De productie van het monument is van start gegaan, de werkzaamheden voor de productie zijn in volle gang. De scouting poseert op de plaats waar het monument zal verrijzen!  

2012 – Start – The idea for a monument

In August 2012 I was with my wife Jo in the English town of Ludham. There was the airfield where Jack Dawson Green took off on March 17, 1945 for his last mission. We also visited a factory where replica Spitfires are made. The idea came up to me to make a monument in the […]

2002 [Book] One of our aircraft is missing

The book ‘One of our aircraft is missing’ was published in 2002, written by Wim Wüst and Hans Onderwater. The book is subtitled ‘The air war above the Hoeksche Waard 1940-1945’. This book tells the stories of the planes and pilots that were shot down in the region. Illustrated with black and white photos and […]