QR21-E- Strijen Sas 18 September 1944

 September 8, 1944         Crash at Strijen-SasQR21-E- Strijen Sas 18 September 1944

On this day at 13.40 p.m. , 10 planes of RAF 80 squadron, type Hawker Tempest , take off from Manston airfield in Kent, England.


Hawker Tempest

Their orders are to protect troop transport planes carrying troops to Arnhem, and for that purpose to eliminate German AA guns in the area between the island of Schouwen Duiveland, Flushing and Breda. During one such attack on an AA battery near the mouth of the river Dinkel , near Dinteloord, the Tempest flown by by F/O Bob H. Hanney is hit and crashes behind a dike in the Maria polder near Strijen-Sas.  Two days later civilians from Strijen-Sas remove the body of the dead pilot from his cockpit and take him to the cemetery at Strijen-Sas where he is buried that same day. His grave can be visited there.


Grave F/O R.H. Hanney

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