QR11-E–Goudswaard Mei 13, 1943

  1. May 30, 1943         Crash at Goudswaard.



Ordered by Bomber Command, that night more than 700 planes take off  from airfields in England in order to bomb the German town of Wuppertal. This was part of the “Battle of the Ruhr “. One of the bombers in this operation  was one of RAF 432 squadron, type Vickers Wellington, marked QO-F with reg. nr  LN435, coming from RAF base Skinton-on-Swale in England. The attack was very effective, because 80% of the old centre of the town was set ablaze and was devastated.  In this attack 3,400 civilians were killed. On the way back the bomber is attacked by a German night fighter and heavily damaged.  At 3.30 a.m. it crashes at Goudswaard. Three of the 5 English and Canadian members of the crew survived the crash,  but 2 are killed. One of them was buried at the cemetery in Numansdorp, where his grave can be visited.


Graves at the cemetry Numansdorp. On the right the stone of Sgt. L.G. Hardy RAF

The other was buried at Crooswijk cemetery, Rotterdam, and his grave can also be visited.

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