QR08-E-Oud Beijerland September 10, 1942

September 10, 1942   Crash Location  Oud-Beyerland



That evening at 21.00 p.m. a number of bombers, type Vickers Wellington, of 300 RAF Polish squadron, took off from the airport of Ingham, England.  Their goal was Dusseldorf, in Germany. One plane  carried the registration BN-H, number Z1258.  Flying over Holland, this plane is suddenly attacked by a German night fighter.  The Wellington is heavily damaged and crashes at 23.15 p.m. on the Lange Road, quite near the farmhouse of farmer J.Zevenbergen, near the village of Oud-Beyerland.  From nearby houses people run to the plane, but on account of a number of explosions they cannot  approach the wreck until some time later. Only then do they find 4 burned bodies of the Polish crew inside the plane, and another body in uniform about 300 metres away from the wreck. German soldiers at first try to put all the remains into one coffin, but are stopped by their commanding officer. They then put the bodies  in separate coffins, and these are taken to Crooswijk cemetery in Rotterdam. Their graves can be visited there.


Graves at Cemetry Crooswijk – Rotterdam

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