QR07-E- Gravendeel 31 May 1942

May 31, 1942.     Crash location ‘s Gravendeel.



A number of planes, type Wellington of RAF O.T.U. squadron, are ordered to take off from airbase Pershore, near Worcester, England, and fly to Germany to bomb Cologne. About 23.00 p.m. The planes are flying over Hoekse Waard (South of Rotterdam) on their way to Germany. An eye witness suddenly sees overhead how a burning plane is coming down. Fully ablaze it crashes near the Maasdam Road between the first and middle crossroads between Maasdam and  ‘s Gravendeel.  People go to the burning plane and find near the wreck  the body of pilot F/Sgt. W.R.C. Johnston. A little later German soldiers arrive at the burning plane and find another body in the tail end of the plane. Of the other 3 members of the crew only identity discs were found later in the wreck, they were probably burned inside. The two bodies that were found were buried at Crooswijk cemetary, in Rotterdam. The 3 other crew were recorded as missing, without a known grave.


Graves Cemetry Crooswijk – Rotterdam


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