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The QR tiles of the digital monument, regarding information about all 87 victims.

QR86-E-Helge-Sognnaes-age 22

QR86-NL-Helge-Sognnaes-22 jaar Helge Sognnaes   On Wednesday 19 August 1942, more than six thousand allied soldiers, mostly Canadians, stormed ashore at the seaside resort of Dieppe in German-occupied France. The purpose of the raid was to gather intelligence and to destroy important infrastructure. The same morning the Norwegian pilot Helge Sognnaes took off from North […]

QR34-E-F/O Robert H. Hanney age 19

                                     Flying Officer Robert (Bob) Hawksley Hanney December 3, 1924   –   September 18, 1944 Flying Officer Hanney was born in Bristol. His father was Charles Percival Hanney and his mother Dora Grace Hanney.  His father had fought as a soldier in France during World War I and returned to England in 1918. In 1945, after WW […]

QR33-E-P/O-Pieter Lauwerence Dooley age 19 Engeland

                       P/O Peter Lawrence Dooley                                    1925 – september 16 1944 P/O Peter Lawrence Dooley Peter was the son of Albert Dooley and Frances (Frankie) McKieman. They married at Willesden, Middlesex, in 1916. Peter’s father, born in 1888, came from a family working in the diamond industry. His grandfather and grandmother had 11 children. Grandfather Dooley […]

QR32-E-F/O Scanlan Age 21

  F/O Wilfrid George Scanlan.              April 23 – 1923 – September 16 – 1944   Wilfrid was born on April 23, 1923, the fourth of ten children of John and Ethel Scanlan, in a farmhouse near the village of Westport ON. He was preceded by a sister, Mary Frances, born December 3, 1917; brothers Terence Patrick, born […]

QR30-E-F/O Arnold Johnston age 28

QR code 30 E     F/O Arnold Ney Johnston Alex was descended from John Johnston {born Antrim, lreland in 1776} who at the age of 18, a weaver by trade, ioined the British 64th Regíment of Foot. We know John was still a soldier in 1800 and was probably with the Regiment when it served in […]

QR29-E-P/O-Douglas Dawson age 19

                   P/O Douglas Dawson                                              1925   – 16 september 1944 age 19 QR29 f,AF Pilot Officer Douglas Dawson was the 19 year old son of druggist, Thomas Jarnes Sawson {born 1894}, whose famity were of lrish descent, and his wife lsabelt Caroltine Forbes {born 1901} of Canadian Scottish ancestry, and lived at Cookstown, Ontario. Douglas […]

QR27-E- F/O. Paul William Tooley 20 Jr

  F/O   Paul William Tooley age 20 December 25, 1923 –   September 16, 1944 Paul was born at Woodthorpe, Nottingham, England. His father was a wholesale dealer in potatoes and vegetables. As a young boy Paul went to a boarding school in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. He was a popular and talented student as well as pianist […]

QR26-E-David-Selwyn-Thomas age 19

                                                7 Flying Officer David Selwyn Thomas, Signaller, RAFVR, Age 19 David Selwyn Thomas was the son of John Llewellyn Thomas and Sarah Bowen of Tŷ Rheola, Gendros.  He was born at Bryn y Babell, Cwmdu, on 7 November 1924 and was known as Selwyn. Selwyn Thomas was educated at Gendros School from where he […]

QR25-E- F/Lt. Pieter William Bickford age 24

F/Lt. Peter William Bickford   16 july 1920   –   16 september 1944 .By RON PAGLIA Missing 16/17/Sept. 1944. That brief but somber line was the final entry on the Flight Log of Peter William Bickford. It is unknown who wrote the ominous message in longhand, most likely a clerk at one of the air bases […]


                            Sgt. Ernest Bainbridge                                          13 July 1913 – 12 August 1941 Ernest Bainbridge was born in Shilton, County Durham 13 July 1913 as the second son of Anthony Bainbridge and his […]


P/O Hugh Maxwell Clark. 2 September 1916- 12 augustus 1941. Hugh was born 2 September 1916 in Hong Kong as the second child of Douglas and Dorothy Clark. Hugh moved to the UK with his mother, older brother and younger sister around 1921. Hugh was educated at Tonbridge School in Kent and at the University […]

Jack Dawson Green – English

Jack Dawson Green age 21 – December 27, 1924 – March 17, 1945 Jack lived in Australia, where he took a pilot training course at the age of 18.   After taking his pilot’s certificate he decided to go to Europe in order to fight the German oppressors. After the long voyage by sea to England […]

02 – Frans Stoovelaar age 23 (QR28 EN)

02 – Frans Stoovelaar age 23 (30 december 1916 – 10 mei 1940) Lieutenant-flight observer Stoovelaar flew as observer and commander in the Fokker T-V numbered 854 on a mission of 3 T-V’s, escorted by Fokker D-XXI fighters, towards Waalhaven Airport (Rotterdam) which was going to be bombed. Immediately after dropping their bombs the 3 […]